Building a Rwandan team 🇷🇼

On a Sunday in August, we met with 30 Rwandans to introduce them to Intego and build the first bridge between us and our future teammates.

Intego Team

9/5/20221 min read

When you start a company, you know that usually you will need to create a team. This is a very exciting step because it often helps us to take the company to another level and to relieve the work of the ambitious founders.

In our case it is a key moment of our company since these people will form the heart of our company, they will be the ones who will have the mission to transmit our knowledge and our methodologies in order to impact our clients and beneficiaries.

Sunday August 14th, 30 people intrigued by what we do came to exchange with us to discover our mission. Juniors, seniors, women and men.

We spent more than an hour with them to get to know them better and share our personal experiences. These discussions were followed by a presentation from our beloved "master of ceremonies" Alain Heureux. What a pleasure to see the interest, the laughter and the pictures taken by these potential future team members during the event.

At the end of the event, the feedbacks were very encouraging, people understand that at Intego Academy, Innovation & Creativity are not just buzz words but are an integral part of our philosophy and methodology.

As I write this post 45 Rwandans are going through our recruitment process to become Intego Coaches. We will keep you informed and I let you look at the pictures that speak for themselves.

See you soon!