" The difference between the possible and the impossible is in the determination "


Corporates Services

With a great breadth of expertise, our team of coaches offers intensive face-to-face workshops, focusing on building innovation and professional development

1. What's your Challenge ?

In every organization we have challenges to overcome to surpass our capabilities and results each year. We listen to your needs and work with you from the identification of the challenge to the implementation of the solution.

2. Capacity Building

you need to improve any department in your company? supply chain, administration/operations, research and development, marketing and sales, human resources, customer service, accounting and finance?

We help you perform through active learning and creative team building

3. Innovation Strategy

Is based on the “job-to-be-done” methodology of Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen and helps participants to understand innovation but moreover to build and design their own innovation strategy.

4. Leading with Impact

For many years, economists and researchers have been talking about the shift of the management paradigm indicating that teal organizations driven by servant leaders are increasing team engagement, productivity and happiness.

How do we build further our trust relation ? How do we get organized in a hybrid world? How do we promote further self-management and which new soft skills are expected from our current and future leaders?

5. Individual Coaching

Your morale is down? or you simply need support to surpass your goals? We use tools to support you in your performance. Energize your managers with one to one coaching sessions

Investing in yourself to increase your chances of success is important to us. We are at your disposal to help you.

Success does not happen by chance, but is the result of surrounding yourself with the right people and the right tools!

Pimento Map

The Pimento Map is Based on in-depth research on many businesses, this methodology is a fast, easy and accurate way to evaluate the chances of success of your business model. It gives the opportunity to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovation champions, business angels or venture capital firms to build an objective opinion on a new business idea. It also points out in detail where the model can be improved.

Intego academy is the only official reseller on the African continent.

Benefits of the tool :

Why we are unique

" Learning by

Doing "

With a primary focus on Rwanda, INTEGO Academy believes in the idea that our services and methodology will offer a certain autonomy of spirit and enterprise to local companies and entrepreneurs.

Its culture, ethics, mindset and large network makes Rwanda the ideal place to generate fast impact, becoming an example to scale in other countries

They trust us, why not you ?

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An Academy dedicated to Innovation strategy, Creativity, Transformation & Leadership. Intego academy focuses on creating successful Entrepreneurs and Disruptive Thinkers.

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