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Incubators & Accelerators

Following a standardized approach, we offer tools, software and methods for coaches that will bring them more consistency in the workplace (over 75 incubators are already using our tools)

1. Support Coaching

You need professional coaches to come and challenge your start-ups or scale-ups, in order to offer them the best chances of success? Our team is at your disposal.

2. Start up Sprint

Is a training teams on the basics of design thinking and is helping people to structure their idea by using the business model canvas. We let them work with Pimento Map evaluating the maturity of their project but also identifying strengths, weaknesses and priorities. Agility is explained throughout the lean startup principles. Hereunder you can see the 6 steps of their journey during the 3 days* workshop.

*can be divided in 6 half day or individually.

3. Pimento map Workshop

Each square of the Pimento Map represents an entrepreneurial concept, thanks to the reporting functionality of the tool you can see which are the global and common gaps of your teams. That's where we offer workshops to help you understand them but also to show you the methodology to get there

- Customer - Image - Value Proposition - Channels “Sales & Marketing” - Competitive Advantage - customer pain - Revenue Structure - Cost Structure - Growth & Scalability - Profitability & recurrence - Business Focus - Power Balance - Cashflow Requierements -

Pimento Map

The Pimento Map methodology is having its place in all types of organizations dealing or managing innovation projects.

It is a fast, easy and accurate way to evaluate the chances of success of a business model. It is helping managers, coaches, mentors or community managers to take decisions, validating or not a project.

It gives you clear indication on which actions should be prioritized and how to minimize risks. Are you ready to do great things ? Check the maturity of your project now !

Benefits of the tool :

Why we are unique

" Learning by

Doing "

With a primary focus on Rwanda, INTEGO Academy believes in the idea that our services and methodology will offer a certain autonomy of spirit and enterprise to local companies and entrepreneurs.

Its culture, ethics, mindset and large network makes Rwanda the ideal place to generate fast impact, becoming an example to scale in other countries

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An Academy dedicated to Innovation strategy, Creativity, Transformation & Leadership. Intego academy focuses on creating successful Entrepreneurs and Disruptive Thinkers.

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