We Design Programs That Unlock Entrepreneurial Talent In Africa

Our Innovation Immersion workshop will be given to young & unemployed people, and we will focus on secondary cities. The workshop will be planned as a 3 to 5-day business camp sprint to produce and deliver project ideas in groups of 5

Through this workshop based on our "learning by doing" methodology, young people will experiment intense and disruptive entrepreneurship methods.

We have seen untapped talent first hand, and we know they should be given the tools to be turned into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow like William Kamkwamba who built a wind turbine at the age of 14 to meet the energy needs of his home.

All in all, the goal of our initiative is to source talents, develop new entrepreneurs and disruptive thinkers, which will benefits to the society and their surrounding environment.

The most relevant projects will have the opportunity to access the Intego Fund : an investment fund that will be launched in 2023.

Intego Fund will hold stakes in the best projects and create long-term partnerships via Intego Academy coaches, equity, and investors.

We need financial partners : foundations, private/public companies or institutions.

Be part of the world of tomorrow which will be more inclusive and thoughtful.

Your contribution :

  • Participate in the empowerment and increase its competitiveness of a country.

  • Foster a skill workforce by producing the future entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs who will benefits to the society and their environment

  • Produce the innovative companies of tomorrow.

  • Finance training given by professional Rwandan based coaches certified by Intego Academy.

Your Advantages :

  • You will officially become an Intego Academy Associate member

  • You will have access to data on our programs

  • Leverage your CSR budget in a direction that benefits society

  • You will be given priority to invest in the most relevant ideas through the Intego fund

  • The most relevant project ideas will be supported by our team of professional coaches to have a better chance of success.

you have an idea for a program that you would like to design with us and benefit from the skills of our coaches ? let us know !

An Academy dedicated to Innovation strategy, Creativity, Transformation & Leadership. Intego academy focuses on creating successful Entrepreneurs and Disruptive Thinkers.

Business hours

Monday — Saturday
8am — 6pm




KN 78 St, Kigali, Rwanda

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