Our Vision

“Innovation”, “Transformation”, “Leadership”    – buzzwords encountered everywhere.At the Intego Academy we give meaning to those words We want to identify and empower the Rwandese next generation in its professional development through innovation and creativity. 

Our Mission
  • Support entrepreneurial mind-sets in their ideas organisation
  • Train on Creativity & Innovation For create entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs
  • Foster local production and local capacities We all know of “Made in China / Taiwan / Turkey”, let’s promote “Made in Rwanda”

Our Mission

Integrity Integrity is the cornerstone of trust. The management and collaborators must be transparent in the decisions they make and comply with the legal, ethical and moral framework in all circumstances. There can be no exception to this rule, either for minor decisions or for major ones.

Excellence Excellence must not be experienced as a constraint but rather as pride in giving our very best in everything we do. It is expressed both in business acumen and in personal conduct.

Solidarity Solidarity creates a framework of mutual support and allows each individual to rely on others in order to be stronger together. Solidarity is the ability to assist those around us but also to ask for help when we need it.

Respect Respect is a cardinal value with several facets: keeping our word within the company, to the client and to our partners; respect in our relations with others, or respect for the environment in all areas, we want to be worthy of the trust that is given to us.

Joy Joy is an essential condition for professional fulfillment. To create a motivational work environment, we promote harmonious relations between collaborators and a relaxed approach to daily work.