In this 3-day course you will learn to develop a confident mindset when approaching innovative projects within your industry, and we will enable you as a manager to embrace, encourage and review innovation with clear action plans. As a participant you will be actively engaged in creating solutions for challenges your company is facing and you will learn practical strategies that can be applied predictably and successfully to startups and successful businesses alike.

For many years, economists and researchers have been talking about the shift of the management paradigm indicating that teal organisations driven by servant leaders are increasing team engagement, productivity and happiness.

Today many businesses will have to change as the pandemic has influenced our way of working, impacted our processes, our reporting and the control mechanism but it has also forced our leaders to adapt their style. How do we build further our trust relation? How do we get organized in a hybrid world? How do we promote further self-management and which new soft skills are expected from our current and future leaders

Designed to have you at the center of all actions. Our workshops are individually adapted to your needs, addressing the issues which really matter to you.